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Knowing how to use heavy-duty battery chargers or commercial battery chargers (480-40) properly is a great issue.


Because it ensures the safety of your battery as well as yours. You should know there is always a risk of battery explosion or damage from overcharging.

And, I believe, you will never wish to face such an unwanted situation that may be threatening to you and your battery.

Am I right?

That’s the simple reason you should know how to use a heavy-duty battery charger for trucks or cars rightly & safely.

Heavy-Duty Battery ChargersLearn 6 Simple Steps How to Use Heavy-Duty Battery Chargers

Hopefully, these 6 simple steps will help you to use the heavy-duty industrial battery chargers (110-36) easily & hassle-freely.

Pick the Right Battery Charger

You know all chargers don’t match all the batteries because they are not the same and not ready to be used for every model.

So, while charging the heavy-duty truck batteries (590-44) or car batteries, you should get the right heavy-duty battery charger (1000-36) very first for your particular truck battery.

Once you pick the appropriate charger, don’t forget to read the manual coming with the battery charger for instructions.

And know all about the charger, how it works, how to read it and all the precautions you should take while using the charger.

It will help you to charge your battery properly and conveniently.

Remove Both Battery Cables

Once you pick the right battery charger, now you have to remove both battery cables from the battery terminals of your car.

And make sure you remove the negative cable which comes with black cable first. Then disconnect and remove the positive cable coming with red color.

Safety Tips

While removing the battery cables from the terminals, strictly follow the safety tips as followings:

  •       First switch off the car
  •       Wear safety glass & insulated gloves
  •       Make sure you aren’t wearing any jewelry at your hand
  •       And keep the positive cable covered after disconnecting it

Never, forget to ensure the above safety tips as they are concerned with your safety issues.


Connect the Charger to Your Battery

As I told you when you find you have disconnected both battery cables from the terminals,  you are ready to connect the charger to your battery.

Now, first, pick the positive clamp with red color and connect it to the positive port of the battery which has a “ +” sign on it.

When you are sure you have connected the positive cable to the positive port, then take the negative clamp coming in black color.

And ensure you are connecting the negative clamp to the negative port on which you will find the “-” sign.

Again, I tell you don’t forget to connect the positive clamp first, then the negative one for the safety issue.

Set the Charger

After connecting both clams, now you need to set volt and amps on the charger. There is a guideline How to Read a Battery Charger Amp Meter

If you wish to charge your battery slowly (trickle charge), then set the low amperage.

While you are looking for charging your battery fast, then you have to sput down higher charging voltage and current.

But remember, charging slowly is always better for your battery. So, if you have enough time in your hand, never go for quick charging as it’s not good for your battery.

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Plug-In the Charger & Monitor the Display

Have you set the charger rightly?

If yes, now, you are ready to plug in the charger. And after the plug-in, monitor the charger display if it’s working rightly.

When you discover everything is okay, then let the charger work on its way. Whenever the battery gets charged fully, the charger will automatically shut off if it’s an advance auto battery charger (720-36)

You don’t need to be worried.

Switch Off the Charger & Disconnect 

Once you find the battery is charged fully, first turn off the charger and then unplug it.

Next, disconnect the negative clamp initially and then the positive one. Your battery is ready to use. And connect it to the car or truck terminals and go for driving.

Final Verdict

Hopefully, after reading the article, you know everything how to use a car battery charger (880-24) or heavy duty truck battery charger (140-36).

Now, charge your heavy duty truck battery (590-36) or car battery duly and enjoy your driving.

But, while you don’t have the right battery charger, pick one of the best quality heavy duty battery chargers (1,000-36) and go for charging to continue your driving.

Happy driving.

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