Best Golf Cart Batteries To Buy In 2023 - Reviews and Guide
Product NameDimensionWeightBattery Cell TypePrice
Trojan T-125 6V 240Ah10.38 x 7.13 x 10.88 inches68 PoundsLead AcidLatest Price
NPP NP6-225Ah AGM12.70 × 7.00 × 8.9370.00 lbsLead AcidLatest Price
Golf Cart Battery US2200 XC211 x 8 x 12 inches69 PoundsLead AcidLatest Price
Lot of 6 Trojan T10.3 x 7.11 x 11.07 inches372 PoundsLead AcidLatest Price

Top Rated 3 Best Golf Cart Batteries Reviews:

Since golf players have to drive their cart in the golf court for longer times, sometimes it’s not possible to change frequently. So, every golf lover has to get the batteries for their cart.

So, here we have brought flexible golf cart batteries! Let’s have a look at them.

1. Trojan T-125 6V 240Ah Flooded Lead Acid GC2 Deep Cycle Battery.

Trojan t-125 6v battery is our top choice of the list. It is a flooded lead-acid battery from the most popular automobile battery brand trojan. Along with their trojans’ brand reliability, this model battery has a low life-cycle cost which is its most mesmerizing feature.

Trojan t-125 battery comes with companies T2 technology which is best increases power and performance. This product guaranteed maximum energy is unbeatable for its competitors. Each 6v battery supplies 240 amp per hour which magnificent produces nonstop power. Trojan’s advanced technologies secure its uninterrupted power supply in a far better way than any other batteries.

It has a perfect body dimension to fit in any golf cart without facing any problem. 10.38×7.13× 10.88 inches (27.64 centimeters) body dimension of this battery weighs around 68 lbs, which is the same as an average battery weight. The battery is covered with a plastic case which makes is shock and vibration resistant.

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T-125 battery is a deep cycle flooded battery that comes with a low life cycle cost because of its deep-cycle cells. These deep cycle cells also prevent degradation that occurs due to cycling. Amusingly thick lead plates are used in this battery for preventing peak current. All these features make it the perfect choice for your golf cart along with other electric vehicle uses.

The only problem we have found with this battery is its price. Yes, all of its premium facilities come at a huge cost. It costs much more than any of its competitors and other flooded lead-acid batteries. Otherwise, this has the best battery cycle along with the best charging & discharging capacity.  When you use this battery in series, you will see more extended battery performance and capacity.


  • Deep cycle flooded battery with T2 technology.
  • High-end power supply with 240 amp per hour power capacity.
  • Thick lead plates & deep cycle cells.
  • Requires less & easy maintenance.

Cons :

  • This battery costs more than any other battery with the same features.

2. Golf Cart Battery US2200 XC2 6-Volt (Minimum Order 1 Set of 4 Batteries)
Golf Cart Battery US2200 XC2 6-Volt (Minimum Order 1 Set of 4 Batteries)

US2200 is the most powerful 6-volt battery in all over the market. This has the most significant features within a short budget that even Trojan does not offer. It is a lead-acid battery that is used al over the world for its breathtaking power supply capabilities at a very reasonable price.

It is a lead-acid battery which is a common type of battery used for golf carts. This battery comes in the perfect dimension of 11×8×12 inches which is a good fit for almost all types of golf carts. For more durability and safety, the manufacturers have attached hand-welded busbars at its top.

This battery has a tremendous power supply of 232 amp per hour. This amount of power supply is more than any of its competitors at this price. Such a fascinating power supply cycles up to max capacity even faster than Trojan batteries. If you want more power and a rough ride than this lead-acid battery is a perfect choice.

50% depth of discharge is something that makes this battery much more precious in its segment. It has an amazing charge and discharge rate of 1000+ cycles which is the most astonishing feature you would get if you use this. Such an amusing charging and discharging rate make this battery used for a long time.

With such an amazing battery life and power supply, us2200 is a very much reliable battery than others. The more satisfying part is that it does not even need so many maintenances like other batteries. However, they do not offer any replacement procedure for a long time like Trojan does. But the batteries still are worth what they cost.


  • Incredibly powerful 6v batteries.
  • 232 amp per hour power supply which is more than any of its competition.
  • More than 1000 cycles with the best charging and discharging rate.
  • 50% depth of discharge
  • Comes with a hand-welded busbar.

Cons :

  • This battery is too much heavy

3. Lot of 6 Trojan T-105 6V Golf Cart Batteries

Here is our last choice for the top 4.  Trojan t-105 is another magnificent model from the think Trojan company. Its amusing life cycles and long term performance reliability makes it one of the top golf cart batteries. This model is really popular all among the market even more than our other enlisted batteries.

This is a 6-volt battery which has the longest charge and discharge rate among all 6v batteries. Its charge-discharge cycle expands upto 750 cycles which are amusing. As it comes with deep-cycle cells,  it is protected from all types of degradations which makes it long-lasting.

The manufacturers have promised their outstanding performance with replacement offers if you find any damage or misalignments within 2 years. This proves how long it can run while other batteries do not even run-up to its replacement time.

Although it is expensive than other batteries, it is the cheapest amp-per-hour battery in the market. This is a reason why this battery is the most used golf cart battery. If you fill water and equalize it regularly, then you will be able to save it in a long run.

Though it is a trusted battery brand with reliability, it is really heavy which is the only disappointing point of this battery. It weighs around 62 lbs which is too much for a golf cart. But if you don’t have any complaints against its weight, then it would the best value for money golf cart battery.


  • Longest charge and discharge rate with upto 750 cycles
  • A trusted brand for automobile batteries
  • Replacement possible within 2 years if the battery does not work as described.

Cons :

  • It needs high maintenance such as watering and equalizing charges regularly.
  • It is a very heavy battery (62 lbs).

How To Choose The Best Battery For Your Golf Cart – Buying Guide 

Here are some major factors of golf cart batteries you should keep in mind while choosing the best-priced golf cart batteries.

Batteries Voltage

Determining the battery’s voltage is very complicated but it is really necessary. Golf carts come in 36 volts and 48 volts while batteries come with 3 different volts which are 6v, 8v & 12v. You can go for six 6v batteries for your 36v golf cart while you can also go for six 8v and four 12v batteries for your 48v golf carts. If you do not know how to determine your golf carts voltage then you can replace your old batteries with the exact new ones of the same model. How many batteries you can use depends on how many holes your golf cart has.

Batteries Amperage Per Hour

Determining the battery’s amperage per hour means how much power your battery can supply in every hour. The higher ah means better battery performance. Even though it sounds a bit technical, so you may find a problem in understanding this factor. However, you can ask experts to help you determine amperage per hour.

Battery Type

There are three types of batteries for golf carts. The first type is a flooded lead-acid battery. This type of batteries has a versatile amount of models available in the market with different sizes and designs. These batteries are not sealed, which makes them more reliable.

The second type is lead-acid batteries. These batteries use a thickening agent to keep the electrolyte still. If you want a rough ride, then this type of batteries are the best choice. The only concern is that these batteries cannot be replenished.

The third type is AGM lead-acid batteries, which is a modern battery. Thus, the new addition of batteries uses fiberglass to keep the electrolyte separate and still. This battery is the best type of battery as it is spill-proof, resistant to vibrations, and it is durable enough to survive multiple heavy impacts.


Golf cart batteries are not usable for a lifetime. These batteries work for some time depending on their built-in quality.  Most of these batteries can easily run with 700–1500 cycles. You can optimize your battery cycles and power to opt for advanced cycling technology. Choose the best golf cart batteries wisely and check their cycle times with each complete charging and complete discharging.

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Cycle Depth

Your battery must have longer charging and discharging time. If you want to achieve longer changing and discharging cycles then go for batteries with high-density lead plates. This helps your battery for recharging continuously without having any damage.

Compare The Batteries Prices

There are lots of batteries with the same specifications and different prices. But they’re built-in quality might not be the same. Many golfers make the mistake of buying too many pricey batteries or too many cheap batteries to get the most value. You should have a strict budget and stick to it while choosing your batteries. Compare a few models that meet your budget then choose the perfect one with better reviews and specifications.

Which Type Of Battery Is Better For Golf Cart? Lead Acid Battery Or Lithium-ion Battery

As we have mentioned previously, there are three most common types of batteries that are used in golf carts. For a long time, lead-acid batteries and lithium-ion batteries are the most used among them.

Lead-acid batteries are the cheap one among all other golf cart batteries. Despite being affordable, these batteries need very complicated maintenance. You need to make sure of its electrolyte level and check if the battery water is okay or not.
Though AGM lead-acid batteries are very good for golf carts flooded lead-acid batteries and gel lead acid batteries are not sealed. Gel lead acid batteries only help to run the golf cart off-road. Lead acid batteries are heavier than any other batteries even though they take the most time to charge.

If you are okay with its low-quality power supply and maintenance terms then lead acid batteries are a good value for the money.

Lithium-ion batteries are modern batteries used in electric golf carts. These batteries come with the perfect balance of charging and discharging. If you want a long time discharging capacity with less charging time the then lithium-ion batteries are the best choice for you. These batteries come with a longer life span than lead acid batteries as they have a higher cycle life.

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Lithium-ion batteries also react better to discharging as they are immune to battery sulfation and this makes it the premium choice as your golf carts battery. When it comes to weight, lithium-ion batteries are much lighter than lead acid batteries. A lighter battery means more power to your golf cart to run faster. The only problem is that lithium-ion batteries are too much pricey but if you have that budget, these are the best choice.

How Can You Expand Your Golf Cart’s Batteries Life?

Here are some tips you can follow while your golf cart’s battery to prolong its life.

  • Always keep the batteries dry, clean, and fit them tightly. If the batteries are dusty and loose, then they may not be able to supply enough power to your golf cart. So, if you want the best performance from your golf carts battery. Then you must keep them clean and fit them tightly.
  • Charge as directed within the exact charging and discharging time. Do not overcharge the batteries as it would create more pressure on the batteries.
  • Always use good quality chargers that are suitable for your golf cart batteries. All chargers are built with different charging facilities that strictly work for a certain type of batteries with a certain voltage. Make sure the charger meets its requirement with your battery otherwise, it would only damage your battery day by day.
  • Use distilled water to fill the battery cells regularly. Remember not to overfill with water.
  • Use the golf cart and charge it overnight regularly. Charging your battery once for a long time is much better than charging and discharging discontinuously. Check out how much time your battery takes to charge fully. Try to unplug the charger as soon as it charges fully.
  • Do not charge frozen batteries, and replace batteries when needed. Frozen batteries might come with leaks and other damages which can create further more damage to the atmosphere and charging connection. So, it is a wise decision to dispose of the frozen batteries.
  • Store the batteries in safe and dry places. Strictly avoid storing batteries in places where kids can reach them easily. Make sure that no flammables are stored near your battery as it might create a huge impact.
  • Avoid discharging the battery when it is less than 50%. A lot of people consider this as a myth but it damages your battery. When your battery power is less than 50%, it still needs to perform to its full potential. So, the battery damages itself to produce more power when it is less than 50%.

How To Store Golf Cart Battery Safely During Winter

You are not going to use your golf cart in winter. But what if your battery gets frozen in this idle period? Hence, you must store your battery in a precise way to prevent it from getting frozen.

Firstly, let me clear your concern about your expensive lithium-ion battery. Lithium-ion batteries are not susceptible to the damage of discharging. You can store them for a long time as they would not get frozen due to long term discharging. Thus, you can store your lithium-ion battery with at least a 40% charge for the whole winter. Just charge it up before you start using it again.

Lead acid battery discharges too deeply which can damage its health. If you let it discharge for the long term then it will surely damage its life span and power production. In these circumstances, you have to adjust a battery tender. These battery tenders charge the battery very slowly after certain periods. So, they will keep it safe from getting frozen due to rapid discharging.

Golf Cart Battery Maintenance

To keep your battery long-lasting, you have to do some proper maintenance regularly. You have to check its water level, load tests the battery, cleaning it regularly, and charge them precisely after idling them for a long time. Read the in-depth guide to take care of your Golf Cart Batteries.

Here is how you can do that.

Checking Golf Cart Batteries Water Level

Make sure to fill the batteries with water.  You have to check regularly if the battery has a shortage of water. When you find the shortage, immediately fill it with water before using it again. Make sure to fully charge the batteries before filling it with water.

How To Load Test Golf Cart Batteries

If you don’t know the proper voltage and power of your battery then you can do the load test to check it. There are three ways of load testing batteries.

Firstly, you can use a voltmeter to check the battery’s voltage. If you want to check the batteries amperage, then use a load tester to know the proper amperage. If you don’t know if your battery is charged or not then charge it without knowing it. Use a hydrometer and check the charge because overcharging can damage the battery.

How To Clean Golf Cart Batteries

Cleaning your battery is essential to get its optimum performance. Mix water with a proper amount of baking soda to make a cleaner. Apply that water in the battery with a small toothbrush and clean it with water. After cleaning, dry the battery with a clean cloth before using it again.

How To Charge Frozen/Dead Golf Cart Batteries

Many people report that their golf carts battery gets frozen during winter. You can charge your frozen battery by using the golf cart unit of battery recovery. By using this unit, you will deliver proper voltage to the dead batteries. After delivering enough voltage, charge your battery with its charger to apply the voltage. Hence, you should always have a good quality of battery recovery unit.


Question 1. How Long Does a 48v Golf Cart Battery Last?

Ans: Battery units with high amp capacities usually last longer. A 48v golf cart battery usually lasts for at least 5 years if you follow all the manuals strictly. Following these tips would also improve your battery life in traveling between each charge. Be sure to recycle the battery when it stops working.

Question 2. How Long Does Trojan Batteries Last In A Golf Cart?

Ans: Trojan batteries are expensive but they come with the finest electrical components. They put less strain on the battery and they do not even wear out faster like other batteries. Because of these reasons, trojan batteries’ lifespan expands between 7-9 years while normal batteries only last for 3-5 years.

Question 3. How Much Does It Cost To Replace Batteries In A Golf Cart?

Ans: Battery replacing expenses depend on the quality of the golf cart battery. If you want to replace it with a low-end battery then it will cost you around less than a few thousand dollars. But if you don’t want cheap batteries and if you are going for a 36v or a 48v battery, then they will cost you around more than a few thousand depending on its brand.

Question 4. Can I Replace Just One Golf Cart Battery?

Ans: Yes, you can change only one battery if you find one bad battery. But we would suggest you change all batteries at once because your expenses in both cases are going to be the same. Meanwhile, changing one battery at a time can also damage your golf carts’ performance.


Considering all the problems people face with golf cart batteries, we have enlisted the best 4 choices for best golf cart batteries so that you can easily find your ideal battery.

If you have reached this point then you are sure about which battery would suit your golf cart and which one you should buy.

Your investment in a golf carts battery ensures an uninterrupted and better golfing experience which is needed for your comfort. If you follow all the information’s from our article, then your next battery replacement would only be a task to ace the holes.

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