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What is an OEM battery? Don’t Buy Third-Party Camera Batteries Except Reading this Article?

You will find this article most resourceful if you need to learn what is an OEM Battery & third party camera batteries?

Also the article will be helpful for you if you are passionately looking for knowing whether you should buy the third party camera batteries or not.

What’s the advantages & disadvantages of buying Non-OEM or third party camera batteries?

Is it safe to use a Non-OEM battery? And how & where to buy the best quality third party camera batteries?

Besides, the article will tell you all about the difference between OEM & Non-OEM or third party camera Batteries.


So, let’s go reading……

Oem Battery

What is an OEM Battery?   

OEM simply stands for “Original Equipment Manufacturer”.

In other words, OEM-Battery refers to the battery that was given with your mobile or devices.So, OEM batteries are generally customized by the manufacturers which suit the manufactured gadgets or devices and installed in those devices.

And usually, an OEM battery is found in good quality as it’s the original one.Simply, it’s all about OEM Battery.

What is a Non-OEM Battery or Third Party Batteries?   

Non-OEM refers to the 3rd party manufacturers. They make the battery of the original company reversing the engineering of the original battery.

Then the 3rd party sells it into the market with the same application which is known as the third party battery or Non-OEM battery.

OEM Battery vs. Non-OEM Battery or Third Party Batteries (10-22)

As I told you I will tell you all about an OEM and Non-OEM battery or third party battery, now let’s first have a look at the key differences between them:

OEM BatteryNon-OEM Battery or Third Party Batteries
OEM means original equipment manufacturerNon-OEM means a battery made by a different company or 3rd party reversing the engineering of the original battery.
OEM battery is higher in quality and more reliable than a Non-OEM batteryDon’t have the exact same quality of OEM battery except a few.
Often pricer than OEM batteriesCheaper than OEM
Better performerCan’t perform as like the OEM though a few are different
Not found available in the marketFound available in the market

In a nutshell, the above mentioned are the main differences between OEM battery and Non-OEM battery.

Where Can I Buy an OEM Battery?

You know the OEM battery is one that is manufactured and installed by the original equipment manufacturer.So, when you want to buy an OEM battery for your device, you have to get it directly from the original company or the official dealer of that company.

But, remember, in such a case, it will cost you a lot to buy an OEM battery.

So, now you may have a question: What should I do?

Here, you can consider a Non-OEM battery or third party battery coming with OEM-certification. A third party battery coming with OEM-certification is a safe, reliable and quality product.

So, when you are under a tight budget, it would be wise to buy an OEM-certified Non-OEM battery or third party battery.

It will not only save your pocket but also it will give you the OEM battery quality satisfaction.

Should I Buy Third-Party Camera Batteries (10-18)?


You can buy but never get it from unknown companies. Buying a Non-OEM battery from unknown companies will make your life hell.

Because there are many stories of suffering from many problems or exploding the mobile or devices using Non-OEM batteries from unknown companies. When you need a spare battery or replace the original one, don’t forget to buy your device battery from the best manufacturers like WasabiPower, Watson, RavPower, Hahnel and EcoEffiency.

All these mentioned companies are reputable for producing the Best Third-Party Camera Batteries (20-22).

Batteries coming from these manufacturers will perform like the OEM batteries and provide you the same power though coming with low price than the OEM one.

Thus they will save your pocket but deliver you the same quality of OEM and make your shooting comfortable and hassle-free.

Camera Batteries

What’re the Advantages of Using Third-Party Camera Batteries?

The great benefit of using a third party camera battery is the price.

Though a third party battery will provide your camera the same power of the OEM battery, it will cost you far less than an OEM battery.

OEM companies charge 3 times higher than a reputable third party company.

So, when it requires shooting for hours after hours, you may need to get a few extra batteries as your battery charges out away for heavy load.

Then you can get as many extra third party camera batteries as you wish to continue shooting. It will save your pocket but make your shooting job hassle-free and comfortable.

But, remember; never forget to buy your battery from respected and reputable companies.

As they never like to destroy their reputation producing poor quality batteries, it’s sure you will get a high-quality third party battery from them.

Otherwise, you have to suffer a lot.

What are the Disadvantages of Using Third-Party Camera Batteries?

As I told you besides there are a few reputable companies, there are many unreliable or untrustworthy companies.

They are manufacturing poor quality batteries and selling in the market.

This is the great disadvantage of having a third party camera battery. If you wrongly get one from such an unfaithful company and find it in your device, it would be a crucial issue for your camera.

But getting from reliable and faithful companies, it goes everything okay with your camera. Then, it’s not a headache issue.

Then another major issue is that if you buy one from an unfaithful company, the battery can swell up after using it constantly for a few days. It’s dangerous and more horrific if it’s a lithium battery.

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But the issue sounds good with the renowned company.

Another problem of having a third party battery is that they can’t reward you the battery life as the original one can.

Though you will discover that in the beginning, it will get a better charge and support you nicely though not like the original one.

But, in the long run, the charge will decline quickly.

And finally, using a third-party battery may rule out your camera warranty if any problem occurs in certain conditions.

Are The Third-Party Camera Batteries Safe to Use?  

It will depend on from whom you are buying the battery.

If you buy the third party battery from a renowned company directly or its authorized resellers, it’s safe to buy and use.

But failing to get the battery from a faithful company, there is every possibility of getting the bad quality battery which may damage your gadget.

So, when you need to buy the best third-party camera battery, I suggest you buy it directly from a trusty & reputable company or the authorized stockist from Amazon.

And while buying the battery from Amazon, don’t forget to read the previous customers’ reviews and experiences.

It will help you to get the 100% quality product which is 100% safe to use.

Where Can I Buy the Best Third-Party Camera Batteries?

The best place to buy the third party camera batteries is to buy it from the company directly as I told you early or the company’s authorized dealer, stockist or to go online.

First, try to buy the battery from the company or its authorized dealer and stockist. If it doesn’t work, the next best and reliable option is to browse Google.

You will find the company’s website which will connect you with the real stockists in Amazon.

And buying from original stockists in Amazon will save your pocket as the product price is always lesser in Amazon than the physical market.

Plus, if you get the non-OEM battery (10-20) from the genuine stockist in Amazon, you will get the real product to enjoy your photography all the time.

Final Verdict

I believe the article could help you to know all about what is an OEM battery (70-10) & Non-OEM or third party battery (10-20). Now, you are wise enough to decide whether you should buy an OEM battery or third party battery.

So, when you are in urgent need of an extra battery, buy an OEM battery id possible or third-party camera batteries from a reliable company and enjoy your photography.

Happy photography.

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