5 Easy Ways on How to Charge Lithium-Ion Battery Without Charger

Looking for knowing how to charge a lithium-ion battery without a charger because you have lost or forgot to carry your charger?

We have a few simple tricks to know you in this article.

Following those easy tips, you can charge your lithium-ion battery without a charger effortlessly when you are in an urgent need.

But remember, technically, charging a lithium-ion battery without a charger (20-36) can be easy and simple but it’s not safe.


Because you don’t have a clear idea all about the chemistry of the battery, it’s voltage, cells, and its details.


So, rather, it’s better to have the best lithium-ion battery charger (50-36) to charge the battery safely and not to damage it.

But, when you have no way as your battery is flat out, you can go for the following simple tricks to charge your battery instantly.

5 Easy Ways on How to Charge Lithium-Ion Battery Without Charger

I told you early charging a battery without a charger is certainly dangerous. Yet, if you don’t have any option, you can rely on the following ways to face your emergency demand promptly.

Charge a Li-ion Battery Using USB Port

When you are in an urgent need to charge a lithium-ion battery (6600-37) without a charger, the easiest and hassle-free way is to charge it with a USB port.

To charge a li-ion battery (6600-37) using a USB port is simple & tricky. Let’s have a glance at the following steps to make your job easy:

  • Get a USB cable similar to a smartphone charger
  • Connect the USB end to your laptop, PC, printer, camera, power bank or any other electronic device that allows the USB port
  • Now, take your gadget and connect the charging end of the cable to your device that you want to charge.
  • Then turn on your laptop or computer or the suitable device that you could choose.

You will find your battery is charging smoothly.

Safety Tips

But while going for this trick, you don’t forget to ensure the given below safety tips. It’s a must, I tell you for the safety of your gadget.

  • Keep the battery inside the device which you want to charge
  • Don’t charge more than one device at a time from the USB port of the device
  • Never charge your battery if it draws more than 500aM current because it may bring the failure to the system.

Does USB Charging Harm the Battery?

The simple answer is that it’s safe to charge your mobile using your laptop or pc port. But there is a problem if you are in a hurry. The battery will get charged slowly rather than getting fast charging. So, you should have enough patience when you want to charge your battery by USB port. But remember, if you have a smartphone and go for frequent charging via USB port, it’s risky. Why? Because the USB host can’t supply the stable current or charge to your battery always. So, charging a li-ion battery always with a USB port from other devices can damage the chemicals in your battery. And consequently, at once, it may damage your smartphone. So, it’s safe to keep your battery charger with you always. After all that, if you forget to carry your charger, it’s better to buy a new mobile charger that can charge a li-ion battery or suits your mobile phone. It will save your mobile from premature damage, so your pocket.

Charging Lithium-ion Battery with Solar Panel (10-36)

If you are wondering to know can I charge my Lithium-ion Battery with Solar Panel? I tell you, you can do this. Also, you can charge your lead acid battery. But, here you have to get a charger controller because the solar charging system can’t charge any battery without a charger controller. So, if you want to charge your battery from a solar panel, you have to buy a solar charge controller (6600-45) or a best quality solar inverter (5400-50). Otherwise, simply you have to leave the option.

Charge Your Lithium-ion Battery with Clip Charger

Then, another best option for you to charge your lithium-ion battery without a charger is to charge it with a clip charger. To charge your battery with such a clip charger, you need to take out the battery from your mobile or gadget. Then, you have to place the battery on the charging platform of the clip charger. After that, simply plug in the charger on the power board and switch on it. You will notice, it is charging your battery without any trouble. Remember, such a type of charger is rare these days. If you have one, you are a lucky one I can say. But, a universal USB clip charger (10-44) is available in the market. You can get ones like Lenmar PPUCLIP Universal USB Clip Charger or Emerging Power EP-SC Battery Charger 3.7VDC 0.8Ax2 and keep it in your bag as it’s easily portable. And when you will be wondering how to charge a 3.7 v li-ion battery without charger (90-30) in the crisis moment, you can easily go with your issue and solve the problem quickly with such a universal USB clip charger. CTEK (56-926) LITHIUM US 12 Volt Fully Automatic LiFePO4 Battery Charger Besides, it will allow you to charge a spare battery for the backup and use it when you find the battery in your device runs out. Really, it’s a good issue in your crisis moment while missing your device charger.

Charge Your Lithium-ion Battery from Car Battery

Don’t you have any more options to charge li-ion battery without charger (10-11)? Cool down. You have another handy option as you are driving your car. You can easily charge your battery from your car battery. How? It’s simple. You can charge the battery just connecting it to your car battery which comes with a lead-acid battery. But, charging in such a clever way, you have to use small light bulbs which will regulate the current flow. Now, you may have a question: how many small light bulbs should I use? If your car owns a 13V lead-acid battery and you want to charge a 6V camera battery, you need to use 3 small light bulbs. And you have to arrange or put 3 bulbs in a parallel way to accomplish the charging job. It will allow 0.5 amperes to the battery so that the battery gets charged without any trouble. Then, wait for 10-15 minutes. Your battery will get enough charge for the use.

Safety Tips

Make sure the following safety issues to avoid any unexpected injury or mischief :

  • Never leave the battery while charging.
  • Don’t allow full charge. It may hamper your battery catching on fire.
  • Wear a safety mask and glass while charging the battery as there is the possibility of ignition or spark.

Charging Lithium Battery From Alternative Battery

You have another easy way of charging a lithium-ion battery without a charger (20-36). To avail this simple way, you have to get 3 AAA batteries to charge your battery effortlessly. At once when you get the batteries, arrange them in a series and then connect all. Since each battery owns 1.5V, the three will produce 4.5V together. A standard cell phone battery needs 3.7V to get charged fully. But the three AAA batteries will prove 4.5V together. So, they will charge your battery without any hassle. But, one thing you should keep in mind.Never go for using too much voltage to charge the battery. It may hurt your battery cell.

Final Thought

Now you know all the easy and simple ways of charging a lithium-ion battery without a charger (20-36 as you have gone through my useful guide on how to charge a lithium-ion battery without a charger. So, when you are in trouble missing out or forgetting to carry your regular battery, you can follow the above steps and charge a lithium-ion battery without a charger easily. But, keep it in mind. Don’t charge a lithium-ion battery without a charger frequently. It may completely damage your battery. Rather, it is wiser to get a spare regular battery charger (50-40) or a universal USB clip charger (10-44) with you. It will help you to face the crisis moment and ensure the safety of your gadget’s battery. Thank you so much for reading the article.

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