Privacy Policy

We prior your security first, always promised to secure every users data. One thing, you find bit privacy issue, never hesitate to contact us for a better solution.

But keep in mind, by using this site means you are agree with the described privacy policy  and happy to with us.

When someone visits the , we will concentrate following data during your visits.

According to commercial websites, uses a standard technology called “cookies” and users logs. However you will know in details below about the cookies. The main reason is to collect data for understanding user behavior or how they receive our contents and their reactions also. Other important things we usually gather your IP address, your visiting date and time including the pages you visit and your spending time also.

Use of Cookies

Cookies, a modern technology, mainly anonymous unique characters that work as identifier. Website collects cookies from their visitor’s computer by a permission tab from the users during their visits. However every website has a capability of sending cookies to user’s browser if they accept it. Here security is first so nothing to be depressed.

IP Addresses

IP Address, a doted number as IPV4 or IPV6 provided by your computer, laptop or devices to connect with the internet. You can say IP address as the first essential to be connected with the Internet. It’s an unique number that let’s internet to define your computer among billions of connections. However, when you visit our website we got your IP address naturally with the demographic profile.

Email Information

We are strict about your information. When you or any visitor intends to connect with us via email then all of their info we preserved never share in any purpose at anywhere. For more information about this kindly check the Email policies Section Below.

How Do We Use Your Provided Information?

Our motive is to serve our customers and their satisfactions. This information helps us to understand our customers demand. As it help us lot to research their behaviors and intentions. Finally we can implement it on our website for better experiencing.

Email Policies   

We are promised to preserve your email addresses safe. However, we never ever sell or provide your mail to any 3rd parties.

But we just use your mail to send our official information to add some value to you only.

CAN-SPAM Compliance

Yes, it will be clearly stated that who sent from our website or who is the sender and his details including our official address and trademark. However, where your wishing option surely exist that you can unsubscribe yourself at any time you want.

Choice/Opt Out

We don’t force our users. Rather they have full freedom to customize actually which types of mail they want and which are not. One thing, users, are wishing to unsubscribe to our promotional mail can easily do it by the unsubscribe link.

Uses Of External Link uses various types of link from multiple websites in their needs. But keep in mind that we are not giving you guarantee of accuracy a single data you receive from other site. Rather we have no relation with such a activities.

By using this website you are agreeing to abide the Term and Conditions of this site otherwise you are prohibited by the Trademark and Copyright Laws.

Property Rights

All of the content including a single letter owned and moderated only by the  No one has any right to edit or use any content of this site.

All of the contents are protected by the Copyright Laws.

Acceptable Use

You are only permitted to visit our website maintaining the uses rules. You can’t resell or marketing any of website materials.

It’s restricted to use our content dramatically without authorizing by the owners if this site.


All of the product suggested by the are not warranted or guaranteed by us. Rather it’s as usual the manufacturer give. We don’t have any relations with your loss or profit. Rather we are just connecting you to the next level of quality products. Remaining things are totally up to you and manufacturer.

Policy Changes

We, the owner of the, reserve the right to edit, change or reform all of our privacy policy and rules at any time we need.

But we are strongly desired to protect your information and we never ever disclose it in future.


If you find bit problem with our policies or are confused about our dealing, never wait a moment and contact with us.