How to Read a Battery Charger Amp Meter | Battery Chargers Lab Guideline

You might be wondering how to read a battery charger amp meter.

If yes, I can say you are wise enough because reading a battery charger properly will boost your battery life.

Also, this skill will save your battery from damage getting overcharged.

So, go on reading my complete guideline.

I declare, my ultimate guide to reading a battery charger will show all the simple ways of using a battery amp meter, step by step.

But before that, let’s have a look at all the great benefits of using a battery ampere meter exactly that may be unknown to you:


Benefits of Using a Battery Charger Amp Meter

There are many amazing benefits of using an amp meter. A few are given here for you:

  • Helps to keep the battery charge full always
  • Prevents the overcharging
  • Longer the battery life
  • Assist you to calculate the electric current running to the battery
  • Show the amount of electric current is outputted by the battery charger to your battery

Besides the above-mentioned benefits, there are many more advantages of using a battery charger amp meter.

You will learn all about them if you explore the guideline A to Z.

Why You Should Read Battery Charger Amp Meter Properly?

While using a battery charger amp meter, it’s must to know how to read amp meter on battery charger.

Because, if you don’t know how many amps are flowing to your car battery, it may cause overcharging the battery.

Consequently, it may damage your car battery.

But, when you are skilled enough to read your charger amp meter, it will extend the battery life.

This is the reason you should know how to use or read a battery charger amp accurately.

Nothing else!

Why Do You Need to Know a Few Things about A Battery Charger Amp Meter?

As I told you, using a battery charger Amp meter has ample benefits. But, surprisingly, many of the users can’t reap those great benefits.


Because, they don’t have a clear idea about a battery charger amp meter or how to read it.So, they often fail to get the actual battery charger reading.

Moreover, most of the time, they get confused to differentiate between an amp meter and voltmeter as both are looking similar.

So, it’s important for you to know what a battery amp meter is.

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What is a Battery Amp Meter & Voltmeter?

The simple answer is an amp meter is an electric device that is used to measure how much current is flowing to the battery from your charger.

On the other hand, a voltage meter is a device that is used for measuring the voltage between the 2 points of an electrical circuit.

So, while picking your amp meter, don’t do mistakes getting a voltmeter.

How to Read a Battery Charger Amp Meter- Step by Step -A Complete Guideline

It’s very easy to read a car battery charger amp meter. Just, follow the simple steps given below:

Disconnect the Battery Clamps

While charging the battery and reading the amp, the first and foremost thing is to disconnect the battery clams from the car.

Don’t forget to do it.

It’s important as you are charging your car battery, not the car, I say. If you forget to disconnect the battery clams, it may bring danger.

So, remove the battery clams first before going for charging your car battery or others.


Now, let’s know how to disconnect the battery clams from the car:

How to Disconnect the Battery Clams

Disconnecting the battery clams from car is simple. Only do the followings:

♦ Take a screwdriver

♦ First, unscrew the nut from the negative port and disconnect it.

♦ Then, unscrew the nut from the positive terminal and disconnect the cable. It’s all.

One Precaution: Remember, disconnect the negative port first, then the positive one. It will eliminate the possibility of shorting your car battery. And, thus, following this step will strengthen the battery life. But, if you don’t forget to follow the above steps, it can shorten your car battery life with the chance of battery shorting. So, remember this precaution always if you want to see a car battery having a long-life.

Safety Tips While Disconnecting Battery Clams

Before disconnecting the battery from your car, always follow the below safety tips as all these are concerned with your safety issue:

♦ Switch off your car first

♦ Wear insulated gloves to keep yourself from potential shock

♦ Always wear safety glass as there is the possibility of battery leak or sparking

♦ Remove any jewelry from your hand

♦ Cover positive cable with a cloth after disconnecting it

Connect the Battery Charger to the Battery

You have already disconnected your battery from the car successfully.  Now, this is the time to connect the battery charger to your car battery. As most of the battery charger comes with the clams looking like the jumper cables, pick the clams first. Then, connect the positive clam to the positive terminal of the battery and negative to the negative terminal. Before that, you need to be ensured with positive and negative clams. If you are still confused, remember, the positive clam comes with a “+” sign or red color. And the negative clamp is found with a “-” sign or black color. As you have connected the charger to your car battery, you are ready to charge the battery. Now, plug the battery charger to the electric board, set your desired amp and on the switch.

Monitor the Actual Meter Reading

♦ Once you have switched on the battery charger, you are about to monitor and read the amp meter to charge your car battery precisely. ♦ Look at the display board of your amp meter. You will find the needle indicating amp will move down to the point you set for an amp. ♦ Suppose, if you are charging a car battery, you might set 10 amp as it’s the common amp for a car battery. ♦ After switching on, you will notice that the amp needle will move to your set amp. And when the battery is charged fully, you will discover that the needle will dropdown. ♦ When you trace the amp needle is dropped to half of your desired set amp, it means the battery is fully charged and ready to set in the car again. But, if sometimes you find 2 needles with your battery charger amp monitor, don’t get confused. Here, concentrate on the needles. The needle that moves to your desired amp is the needle indicating the amp. And the rest one will tell you how much charge your battery owns right now Okay? And in the case of 2 needles, you will get the battery fully charged when you will notice the 2 needles are on their top position. That’s all reading your battery charger amp meter. Everything is simple!

How to Read Digital Amp Meters

You might get a modern battery charger coming with a digital amp meter but confused about how to read it. Right? It’s great as you have owned an advanced battery charger because it will ease your amp or volt reading effort with its amazing features. Besides, such a battery charger with a digital meter will reduce the possibility of overcharging your battery. And thus, it will save the battery from the unexpected damage as a result of overcharging. So, it’s wise to have such a high quality battery charger though it will cost you a little bit more than the manual one. But, it will value your every penny you spent I am sure. However, when you read the amp with a digital meter, you just need to cast your eyes on the LED display. You will notice the amp reading result on the LED screen. But, one thing you should ensure before it that you could click the amp button on the digital meter. It’s because the digital amp meter might own the volt measuring option. So, while measuring the amp, make sure you have pressed on the amp button. And click on the volt readout button when you go for reading the volt result of your battery.

Final Thought

I believe, now you can feel reading the battery charger amp meter is easy and simple after going through my complete guideline on how to read a battery charger amp meter. Yet, you are in confusion with the manual one; I will suggest you have a modern battery charger with a digital meter. Such an advanced battery charger will not only make your amp or volt reading process easy and simple but also, it will prevent your battery from the possibility of overcharging. And thus, it will save your battery from unexpected damage being overcharged.

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