Best Deep Cycle Battery Charger for Marine,RV (Reviews & Guide 2020)

The right charger for certain battery chemistry is the key to prolonged battery life. For example, if you are using a fast-charger for your incompatible smartphone, you will be risking both the battery and the phone.

It happens because of the heat generated by the increased supply of electricity and incompetent battery capacity. Similarly, it happens for charging deep cycle batteries. So, one needs the best deep cycle battery chargers to keep the battery healthy.

best deep cycle battery chargers

Now, let’s say one can charge without following the expert opinion. You can do that with cheap chargers and you will not only lose your investment on the battery but also on the charger. If you don’t want something like that to happen, you should thoroughly read this article.

How to choose Best Deep Cycle Battery Chargers

After investing countless time in our review and testing period, we have found some best battery charger for deep cycle batteries that we can recommend you confidently. But before introducing the chargers, we wanted to let you know some important factors that you might consider while choosing your RV and deep cycle battery charger.

The Must-Have Features:

FeaturesMust-have Characteristics
AMP Hour10-100 AH
Multi-Stage ChargeYes
Charge Level MonitorYes
Weather resistanceYes
Charger Voltage for 12v Battery14V
Smart TechnologyYes
Overheating ProtectionYes
AMP Hour: Before you look forward to buying a battery charger you need to know the AMP hour for your battery. AMP hour indicates the battery capacity. That means by AMP capacity you can know how much energy the battery can store.

According to that rate you have to choose a suitable charger for the battery. For example, a 10 AMP charger will take 10 hours to charge a 100 AMP hour battery. You have to choose the charger that will charge the battery in a reasonable hour.

At least 50 AH battery charger is preferable for RV.  Because an average 12 volt RV battery tends to have 220 AMP hour. Suppose the battery charger has 50 AMP then your 220 AMP hour battery will be charged less than 5 hours.

Multi-Stage Charge: Best deep cycle RV battery chargers have multiple charging steps. But it is better if you give time to slowly charge the battery. So that it can be deeply charged. This process also extends the battery life.

But there are also times when the battery is about to end and it needs fast charging, some batteries also have that option. In an emergency, it can charge up to 60-80 percent. Most of the charger has one or two-step charging when it speeds up for fast and slow charging. Some charger also has additional three or four steps for trickle charging.

Charge Level Monitor: Now what if you can see how much battery left to charge? It can be possible with the charge level monitor feature. With this feature, you can watch live charging update.

On the other hand, this monitor also shows you a regular update about how much charge has left. So that you do not have the risk to have a dead battery before you have expected. This feature will add some extra cost to your budget but it is worth it than having an empty battery when you are in a hurry.

Weather Resistance: Not all battery chargers are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Those you can use only indoor costs a little less. But some of the batteries come with additional features to use both indoor and outdoor. Those batteries are mainly water resistance and UV resistance. It is suitable indoor and also in extreme weather conditions.

As we are talking about RV battery charger it is not a rare scenario when you have to charge the battery in a rainstorm or heated sun (See Why Hot Summer Weather Affects Your Car Battery). It is also a horrible idea to stick in that kind of situation. So it is surely not a luxury to buy a weather resistance battery charger.

Selection of the Voltage: While buying an RV battery voltage is a considerable factor. If the battery charger does not match with the battery voltage it will not be able to charge the battery. So the battery charger must have to match the voltage of the battery.

Generally, RV batteries contain around 12 volts. Some also use two batteries each of 6 volts. Consider the voltage of the battery you are using. According to the amount of voltage, the charger size will increase.  If you are using a 12-volt battery try using a charger of 14 volts. So that the battery can be charged quickly to its full capacity without causing any harm.

Equalizer: The most advanced battery charger has this feature in it. This feature extends the battery life by balancing the charge. It can reverse the sulfated effect on the plate which causes the early damage to the battery than expected.

The downside of this feature is it cost way more than other battery chargers. But if you spend the money on this feature you are not going to regret it. It is worth every penny of yours. Because you may save money by not buying an advance charger but then you may have to buy a new one pretty soon and that will cost you more than a one-time investment.

Price: While buying a charger for your RV battery your budget is one of the key factors. Because battery charger comes with many different price tags according to the features it provides you. So you must have to fix your budget first. Otherwise, you will get lost in the numerous options of battery chargers.

After fixing the budget your option will be limited. But we have to admit that with a little bit extra money you can get far better quality and exclusive features which are absolutely necessary for an RV battery charger. With the quality, you will also get a longer lifespan of the battery so you do not have to buy another battery charger any time soon.

Other Considerations

Battery type: There are different types of batteries in the market and not every charger is suitable to charge every battery. So you have to consider the battery type and buy the charger according to it.
Smart Technology: Smart technology provides the charger with the capability to control the supply of charge according to the need for the battery.
Temperature Sensor: This sensor enables the charger to automatically turn off if the battery is overheating. Battery chargers have a temperature sensor built-in and also with the cable.

Deep Cycle Battery Charger Reviews: Our Recommended Products

Check below our specialist research Recommended Products Deep Cycle Battery Chargers –

NOCO Genius GEN1 10 Amp 1-Bank On-Board Battery Charger - Top Pick

The NOCO Genius GEN1 10 has become our top choice for its ultra-safe smart charging technology, durability, multi-stage charging, equalizer and all the necessary features that a perfect deep cycle RV battery charger needs. This charger can not only maintain most of the car engines to full charge mode but also enhance the performance of the battery.

Besides, this multi-bank charger comes in a wide range of different amp and bank configurations, which was also one of the major factors to choose this charger as our best deep cycle battery charger.

For its variety of buying options, you can choose the right model for you according to your demands. This multi-bank charger can charge multiple batteries (lead-acid battery types and other wet, gel, and AGM batteries) at once based on the model you have purchased.

Another thing we like on this charger is the smart battery inside of it. With these features, the charger consumes the least amount of energy as well as increases your RV battery’s performance and longevity. Meanwhile, it also has good engine revival capacity by applying a strong voltage of pulse charge if the battery reaches low voltage, sulfation and lack of power.

This charger is also weather-resistant so it can provide high-quality performance whether it is raining or too hot outside. It also has overcharging, overheating, short-circuit and sparks protections, which are really must-have factors for a deep cycle battery charging.

With this NOCO Genius GEN1 10, you can charge automotive, RV, marine, power-sport along with deep cycle batteries. Besides, the external mounting and rubberized base seem incredibly beneficial as it helps to avoid surface slipping and scratches.

For monitoring the charging status, the integrated LCD indicator will be a great help. And with its multi-stage charging feature, it can charge your RV battery quicker than the other battery chargers deep cycle.

The NOCO Genius GEN1 10 Amp 1-Bank On-Board Battery Charger is the best friend for various types of battery cells and engines. The charger is made with efficient micro-hybrid technologies and CANBUS electric system, which protects the batteries. Besides, it minimizes the power supply, and prevents reverse polarity, overcharging and overheating.

If the best quality is your concern over the money, you should definitely go for this smart deep cycle battery charger without any doubt.

Other Features:

  • IP65 rating waterproof
  • Light-weighted, scratches and slipping resistant
  • Wide compatibility range to various battery types and sizes
  • 5-year warranty

Schumacher SP1356 6/12V Fully Automatic Battery Charger – Runner’s up

The fascinating thing about this charger that caught our eyes during our testing period is its high-quality features at a very low price. This is a 100% automatic RV battery charger with a 3A maintainer. Plus, the charger is fully microprocessor-controlled, the multistage charging feature provides precise charge, safe and prolongs battery life.

Although the charger provides only 3As max output, it is designed in such a way that it can charge 6V batteries very easily and effectively even the 12V batteries as well. The integrated smart technology is good enough to analyze and censor 6/12V batteries automatically.

When it comes to safety, you will appreciate the maintainer. It also prevents overcharging and has reverse hook-up protection.

However, all other features like charging status monitor, temperature sensor, charge different types of batteries, etc. are available in this charger.

But what’re the downsides then?

Well, there’s not much we have found during our reviewing except its low amp and Equalizer. Besides, we’ve sometimes noticed it gets overheated. However, the low amp won’t bother you much if fast charging is not your main concern. And the smart feature covers most of the task of an equalizer, but if this charger comes with an equalizer, it would be better of course.

Nevertheless, with the other high-quality features, these few things can be ignored considering the price it offers. If you want the best deep cycle battery charger with a low price, this one can be your best buy. See the price here.

Other Consideration:

Considering a few advanced features and the price, these two can also be in your bucket list:

Best Budget

BLACK+DECKER BC6BDW Fully Automatic 6 Amp 12V

2nd Runner’s up

Guest 2711A ChargePro On-Board Battery Charger

Best Deep Cycle Marine Battery Charger

While selecting the marine deep cycle battery charger, we considered some must-have factors to bring out the best one. Here the factors you also might consider while choosing a marine battery charger for you.

FeaturesMust-have Characteristics
Battery TypeAGM
BanksThree Bank Charger
Power Source120 volt AC
AMP10 amp
Voltage12V with Automatic Voltage Switch
Overcharging ProtectionYes
Battery Type: There are different types of batteries in the market and each of them has different requirements for the charger. One particular charger is not suitable for every battery type. So you must know your battery type before you go for a battery charger.

Mainly there are three types of battery charger for deep cycle marine battery. Those are gel battery, flooded battery, and AGM battery. There is also another one called lithium-ion battery. A flooded battery can handle overcharging better than others but it needs regular maintenance. So the charger for flooded batteries must have a maintenance mood.

AGM battery is the most popular battery among the mariners because it is maintenance-free. Besides, it is shock and vibration protected. You can only charge AGM battery with the charger which is rated for AGM battery.

Gel batteries are very high-quality battery but it provides a very narrow place for charging. It needs a smart charger to charge and to prevent damage.

However, for marine, we recommend AGM battery on the first hand. But you can choose others with your preferences.

Banks: If you prefer a deep cycle battery as well as a starter battery then you may want a battery charger that comes with multiple banks so that you can charge both of your batteries at the same time.

Two banks are good but while buying your marine battery charger consider a three bank charger. That way you do not have to buy another charger if you want to add an extra battery in the future.

You also have to keep in mind that those multiple outputs of a charger should have separate positive and negative outputs. With this kind of three bank chargers, you can charge three battery boats with a single 12 volt starting battery plus two other 12 volt batteries in a series of 24 volts trolling motor.

Power Source: Most of the batteries in the market enable you to charge the batteries by hooking up to the shore. If you do not spend long days in the water, it may not be an issue for you.  Otherwise, you have to use an inverter generator to charge the battery.

Those inverter generators have 12 volt DC output built in it. But this is not very helpful to charge a marine battery because it is usually limited. It can also damage the battery. The best way to charge the batteries while you are in the boat is to connect the smart charger to 120 volt AC outlets of the charger.

Battery Charger Size: Once again here size does not mean physical size. Here size means the AMP hours the charger needs to charge the battery. Boats that constantly hook up to the shore for power source does not need a high amp.

5 to 10 amp per bank is good enough for those kinds of boats. For example, if you have three batteries each 100 amp, a 10 amp charger will take 11 hours to charge fully if the batteries are completely dead. So the size is an important factor before you buy your battery charger.

Otherwise, it may take too long to charge or too short a time. But charging too fast can damage and shorten the battery life.

Read here: How to Charge with a Marine Battery Charger

Voltage: Choose the battery charger which can provide the right amount of voltage to your marine battery. As there are many kinds of batteries, the requirements of the batteries are also different. Not all batteries require the same amount of voltage.

Generally, the marine battery comes with a 12-volt system but this is not always the same. You may want to charge other devices as well. So there are batteries, which can switch between two voltages. Select a charger that can automatically switch too.

Durability: The durability of marine battery charger I mostly depend on the use of it. If you are someone who takes the charger with you on the boat the charger needs to be more durable because it will be in the extreme situation. It must have to be water and shock resistance. It also has to be able to eliminate thunder or sparkling.

But if you are using the battery much calmer environment like charging the battery off-season when the battery stays on the shore you may not need that level of durability. But it is preferable that a marine battery charger should be water-resistant.

👉Other Consideration:

Safety: Like all the electrical items marine charger batteries should have some built-in safety feature in case anything happens. Most important among them is reverse polarity. Another must-have safety feature is protection from excess current, temperature and voltage.
Charging Time: Charging time depends mostly on AMP hours of the charger and the battery. You must check the AMP of both charger and the battery before you buy one according to your preferred time.
Overcharging: One of the common mistakes people do is; while buying marine battery chargers, they do not consider the overcharging protection feature. But this feature prevents damages to the battery and prolongs the battery life as well.

Best Charger For Deep Cycle Marine Battery:Our Recommended Products

Check below our specialist research Recommended Products Deep Cycle Battery Chargers for Marine  –

NOCO Genius GEN3 30 Amp 3-Bank On-Board Battery Charger – Top Pick

The reason behind we took it as our first pick is it matches the standard we set to determine the ideal battery charger. This model of NOCO Genius comes with outstanding durability, amazingly first charging capacity along with four banks.

Deep cycle marine battery charger is not only suitable for the marine, but also for RV, tractor and other equipment you wish to charge. It comes with four banks which is important because you must have at least 2 or 3 banks in a battery charger. Less than that may cause you some trouble in the future.

This battery charger comes with 30 AMP which means you can charge any battery under the range of 25 to 230 AMP hours.  It can charge the battery faster than any other typical battery charger because of its high amp without damaging the battery. Some battery chargers can harm the battery while charging fast. You will not have any problems like this with NOCO Genius GEN3 30.

Marine battery chargers have to be durable because of obvious reasons. You may have to charge the battery of our boat during a rainstorm. This battery charger is totally sealed and waterproof which is suitable for this kind of situation. It is created for use in extreme weather conditions.

It also prevents reverse polarity, sparks and protects from overcharging which is a must-have feature if you are looking for a durable and safe battery charger.

Most of the marine battery comes with a 12-volt battery. So NOCO has focused on charging 12-volt rechargeable batteries with automatic voltage switch. It can switch automatically if you want to charge other things on the boat. This is also suitable for a wide range of batteries like AGM, gel batteries, wet batteries, etc.

As you can see this battery charger meets all the requirements from our chart so without a doubt we selected it as our top pick best charger for deep cycle marine battery. And you should consider it too.

Marine battery chargers have to be durable because of obvious reasons. You may have to charge the battery of our boat while a rainstorm. This battery charger is totally sealed and waterproof which is suitable for this kind of situation. It is created for use in extreme weather conditions. It also prevents reverse polarity, sparks and protects from overcharging which is a must-have feature if you are looking for a durable and safe battery charger.

Most of the marine battery comes with a 12-volt battery. So NOCO has focused on charging 12-volt rechargeable batteries with automatic voltage switch. It can switch automatically if you want to charge other things on the boat. This is also suitable for a wide range of batteries like AGM, gel batteries, wet batteries, etc.

As you can see this battery charger meets all the requirements from our chart so without a doubt we selected it as our top pick. And you should consider it too.

Battery Tender 4-Bank 12V, 1.25A Battery Charger - Runner’s up

If you are on a budget yet want a multi-battery charger, you may look for this one. We have selected this as our second best deep cycle marine battery charger because of the amp it offers. It is 1.25 amps charger which is considerably low compared to other battery chargers.

Other than this the battery charger meets most of the features we required. This battery charger is suitable to charge all kinds of AGM batteries. Its microprocessor control enables the battery to charge step by step and safely.

It comes with some of the important safety features like reverse polarity, short circuit protection and spark-proof. It also enables you to know if the charge is complete with LED green and red light.

Like our top pick, this one also comes with four banks so that you can charge multiple things at the same time.

So why is it not our top pick?

Mainly for two reasons: first, its low amp which is 1.25 amps. This will take a longer amount of time to charge the batteries as marine batteries generally come with 220 amp hour. Secondly, the limited warranty. It is impossible to repair it is a warranty because of its only coves the defects in parts. Plus it’s only available to the original buyer. So you gave to pay the shipping charge every time you want to repair it.

If this problem does not come across your requirements then you are good to go with this battery charger. Although it comes with low amps, it also covers the demerit with smart technology. This will not overcharge the batteries as well as it will automatically maintain the batteries into an optimal level until you are ready to use them.

Other Consideration:

Considering a few advanced features and the price, these two can also be in your bucket list:

Best Budget

BLACK+DECKER BC6BDW Fully Automatic 6 Amp 12V

2nd Runner’s up

Odyssey 31-PC2150S – Heavy Duty Commercial Battery

What is a Deep Cycle Battery Charger?

Chargers for deep cycle batteries are similar to the smartphone fast-chargers. It can supply electricity at a higher voltage rate without exceeding the limit. As a result, your battery chemistry doesn’t get exhausted. Moreover, deep cycle batteries have thicker plates and that is also a reason to use a special charger.

The differentiating facts between a normal battery charger and a deep cycle charger are not many. That is why you will find a straightforward best deep cycle battery charger review below. And, you won’t make any mistake while buying a charger again.

Types of Battery Charger for Deep Cycle Battery

Actually, the types of chargers are categorized based on their features. For some chargers, you will see a fast-charging feature but no charge-monitoring system. On the other hand, some chargers come with both of the features.

Also, some are capable of slowing down the charging after it is 80% or 90% charged to avoid over-charging. Apart from that, some are capable of showing the percentage for the stored power level.

After some research, you will notice some manual chargers too. These are the simplest ones and you will need to monitor the charging process yourself.

We recommend you to go for the automatic chargers for the sake of your battery’s longevity.

Finally, understand this; the difference in the pricing will indicate the number of functionalities. Hence, you will get different battery types. So, the best deep cycle battery charger is the one that you will choose according to your budget.

How Does Deep Cycle Charger Work ?

The working principle of a deep cycle charger is not that different. Depending on the different materials for different battery types, the amp count must be adjusted. What we mean is that your charger should provide the amount that the battery is capable of.

For example, the capacity for a flooded battery is 10% where an AGM battery’s capacity is 30%. So, a flooded battery with 100mAh capacity can be charged with a 10amp charger. Similarly, an AGM battery of the same capacity can be charged with a 30amp charger.

Sometimes, the task for maintaining a charger, rated manually according to battery capacity becomes tough. That is why you need to go for the one with a smart charger that does the job automatically.

Now, summarizing the facts, our recommended charger is capable of adjusting the amp according to the battery chemistry. Also, it will ensure that your battery is never overcharged.

Why Do You Need a Deep Cycle Battery Charger?

Replacing your RV or Marine battery is not that hard task but it is a time-consuming process. TO replace a battery you need some specific set of tools or have to find the right angle to get in touch with the dead battery. You have to disconnect the clamps and loosen the bolts.

However, if you use an automatic deep cycle battery charger, all the processes and tasks can be skipped. Besides, many chargers for deep cycle batteries come with some extra and advanced features like quick charging, overheating protection, over charging protection, multi-stage charging, alternator check, and so on. So, these chargers can minimize your manual labor, give safety to your battery as well as increases the battery life as well.

Moreover, these chargers also save lots of your time and eliminate the need for a professional mechanic charge. Having a high-quality best deep cycle battery charger, you can be prepared for any time your batteries need charging.

And last but not least, charging with a deep cycle charger is safe and efficient. These chargers are made in such a way that it can charge the batteries slowly but effectively not to damage the plates whereas a regular charger charges battery rapidly, which damages the plates a lot. Besides, there are led indicators and temperature sensors that are very helpful while charging your RV or Marine batteries.

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