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Summer and extremely hot weather are the biggest fear of your car battery. Just like summer makes us weak, hydrates our body, it’s the same thing summer do with your car battery? Now, how can you protect your car battery in summer?

As a human being, you can’t change the weather. Does it mean you can’t do anything? NO! Without changing the weather, you can still make your car battery summer proof.

Obviously, for making your battery summer proof you have to understand, why your battery gets affected by summer. Once you get it then you’ll understand why you should protect your car battery and how to protect car battery in summer.


For making your battery survivable in summer, you have to follow some facts indeed! So, let’s find out how you can protect your battery from the heat!

Ways to protect your battery

Your car battery gives more effort in summer because of the extra usage of Air conditioner and other Media. So, you should give more effort to protect your car battery in the summer.

For protecting the battery and giving the effort your battery deserves in summer, here are ten ways to protect your battery.

Check if your battery is summer ready or not

In most cases, after winter car battery becomes a bit weak. At the starting of summer, you must have a whole car checkup. Especially, make sure to tell the mechanic to check the battery carefully. If your mechanic found anything abnormal tell him to fix it.

However, if you are doing it yourself then make sure you are checking battery brackets and all the cables carefully. For the best result, get the terminal and wires clean as well. Once you have a secure bracket and cables, you’re ready for a summer ride.

Water is the life-savior

Water saves our life and it works in the same way for the battery as well. Nowadays, the problem is, most of the batteries are maintenance-free. That means you can’t check the water level of it.

However, if your battery shows the water level then refill every time you see water below half of the battery. For refilling, you can take the help of any mechanic.

If you can make sure that your battery has enough water. It’ll help you to get the most of the battery.

Avoid Battery Draining

Battery draining is indeed a big problem.  In summer, your battery struggles a lot with the hot heat and when you do more things, it becomes tough for the battery.

Now, to avoid battery draining, you have to understand why battery drains!  One of the biggest reasons for battery draining is, using battery power when you are not riding.

Car battery 3

Which components are using your battery? Car lights, indoor light, a navigation system, AC, the multimedia player uses the power of the car battery.

So, don’t use these components when you are not riding. Now, what’ll you do if your car battery stops working in the middle of the road? You’ll get the solution in the next section.

The car battery charger is the rescuer

Suppose, you are in a rush and you have to attend a meeting in an hour. At the moment, your car stops in the middle of the road because of zero battery power. Now what’ll you do?

Most of the people will curse their car and get back to their home and waste the day. For this sort of problem, we always recommend using the best portable car battery charger.

It’ll instantly charge the battery for a jump start and then you can go to your destination without having any problem.

So, invest in a portable car battery charger for this type of problem.

Inspection is the key to longevity

Inspection is the only way to know what’s going on the battery now. That’s why; you need to keep checking your car battery. While inspecting your car battery make sure to check:

  • If the battery brackets are secure and not heavily tarnished
  • If the battery has any loose cable
  • Check the fan belt

These are something you need to check once every seven days. If you find anything wrong, go to any expert automobile garage or authorized center to get it fixed or replaced.

Keep the car cool

When you drive your car in hot weather, your car battery and all other components become weak. Not just weak, the hot weather literally kills the car battery.

For the reason, when you are not driving, park your car in a garage or somewhere under a tree. Even you’ll how cool the interior is when you get in the car.

However, you can also invest in a portable garage or car canopy. It’ll save your car from all sorts of bad weather.

Clean the battery properly

If you check your car battery properly, you’ll find dirt and grease around it. It harms your battery by producing more heat.

That’s why; always wipe all the dirt and grease down by using a towel on a regular basis. It’ll help you to keep the battery draining germs away from the battery.

If you really want to know, how to clean a car battery like a pro, check this out!

Flush up your cooling system with coolant

Your cooling system can be expired and acidic. This acid will damage the battery which causes engine overheating.

For the reason, you have to check the coolant level more often and top it up too.

Maintenance matters for long-lasting performance

Maintaining your car really matters for your car. For assuring the best performance, you need to assure that all components of your car are in good condition. That’s why; check and assure all the components are good. If not, get it fixed.

On the other side, change the oil regularly and get battery tests done more often. Also, get a full car mechanical inspection done once in every four to six months.

It’ll help you to find out your car’s problem and get those fixed. Besides a long-lasting battery, it’ll also make your car last forever.

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Upgrade your battery

This tip is for those whose battery either dead, old model or using one for more than three years. An old model battery causes car’s engine overheating and etc.

On the other side, the old battery evaporates more. So, upgrading to a brand new battery is something you should be doing.


Protecting your battery in summer isn’t a tough thing. It requires some disincline and small regular actions. These 10 tips will help you to get the most of your battery’s life.

Also, take some extra care of your car when you’re driving it at a very high temperature. Drive Safe, Stay safe!

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