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The car battery is one of the most important components of a car. It helps the car to start over. Not just start over, with the energy of battery the car runs the lights, media player, AC, heater and etc. So it’s essential to make your auto battery more long-lasting.

Auto Battery

A car battery is like the human body. If you take care of it then it’ll survive for three-five years. As we follow some diets or fitness tips for having great health, we’ve to do the same for the battery.

So, let’s find out, how can you make your auto battery more long lasting?

Things should follow to make your auto battery more long lasting

Extending your auto battery lifespan isn’t something impossible. What you just need to do is, you have to follow some tips and tricks every day with discipline.

So, here are the eight things that you need to know to make your battery more long-lasting.


Weather is one of the biggest enemies of your auto battery. Especially, hot and cold (summer and winter) are the enemy of your battery.  Driving your car in a rough summery or winter day can decrease your car battery life. Find here Why Hot Summer Weather Affects Your Car Battery

We human beings can’t change the winter but it doesn’t mean we have nothing to do! Here are some tips that you should follow in summer and winter. It’ll help you to save your car auto battery’s lifespan.

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Clean the terminal of your battery

Cleaning your battery is essential. For avoiding battery terminal corrodes, you have to clean your battery on a regular basis. It’ll also help to inspect your battery on a regular basis. After cleaning the terminals, don’t forget to clean the wires as well.

Terminal of Car Battery

Now, do you know how to clean the battery like an expert? Then check this article. Also, here is an epic track that we’re sharing with you. Here is the following-

Things you need:

  • Soda & water mixture
  • Tooth/brush

Make a solution with soda and water. Spread the solution on the battery. Now, clean the battery through scrubbing with a brush. After clearing the terminals, clean the cables in the same way.

The result will shock you indeed.

Securing your battery

Making your battery safe is the most important thing. It’ll help you to save your car from big accidents. When you drive your car jumps in the bumpy road, right? Which may displace the battery as well because of jumping and vibrating. It causes a short circuit.

That’s why you have to make your battery is properly mounted and safe to use. We recommend you to have a routine checkup on a regular basis.

Check your light

Your car’s light, air conditioner, heater, radio and media player runs on the car battery. So, being careful WITH THE LIGHT IS ESSENTIAL.

As your car’s light consumes the energy of your battery, if you don’t turn the light off while leaving, it’ll be the reason for your battery draining.

Even according to a motor garage based in California, 38% of the car battery dies before expected date because of unusual usage of light and other electronics.

We suggest you use apps or reminder sticker in your car’s dashboard. A bit disincline can help you to maximize battery life.

Stop using electronics when you aren’t riding

Sometimes, we don’t ride our car but still, we use the media player or air conditioner. It gives huge pressure on the battery which because the car isn’t running. It causes early battery losses.

So, don’t use electronic when you are not riding the car.

Entire car maintenance

The battery is a part of your car. All the mechanism of a car is connected with the battery. That means, if any of your car mechanism is broken, it can harm your car battery indeed.

Photo of car engine

If all other components of your car are in great condition then your battery will also give the best performance. That’s why entire car maintenance once a month is recommended.

Reducing short trips

We more often take short trips from home to supermarket or clubs. It’s like driving for two-ten KMs only.

But these short trips don’t keep your car battery fully charged. That means, your car battery’s lifespan won’t last as long if you keep riding in a short distance.

That’s why using your car only for long distance trip is recommended. However, if you only want to use your car for short trips, get a portable battery charger.

Don’t overcharge

Overcharging your battery causes battery’s death in a short time. Battery overcharging damages the battery. An overcharged battery releases all the gasses which is dangerous.

So, if you want to avoid overcharging, stop using those cheap manual chargers that don’t show the battery charging percentage.

So, these are the eight things that you should follow if you want to have a great battery lifespan.


For making your auto battery more long-lasting, you just need to be careful and disinclined. If you follow all these eight tips and tricks then you’ll definitely get most of your auto car battery.

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