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Why hot summer weather affects your car battery

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Summers are here! Even the hot weather is here too. Also, maybe you’ve started facing a problem with your car battery as well.
Now, maybe you’re thinking, why it’s happening to your car! Some of you are even blaming your luck. But you need to stop!

If you’re living in a place that’s hotter than ninety degrees Fahrenheit then it’s naturally harmful to your car battery!

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Car battery inside the car engine

Once my friend David who owns a garage in Las Vegas said, in summer, around 84% of cars they got have battery issues.
Do you know why it’s happening? What are the reasons why hot summery weather affects your car battery health?

Here we’ve collected all the answers that you’re looking for.

Reasons why summery weather affects your car battery health

In warm weather, the battery can’t sustain as much as it should do! But why is that? Here is the answer.

  • Evaporates battery fluid: Excessive heat in summer accelerate the chemical operation of the battery. Yes, excessive heat has the power of accelerating the chemical action. That’s where the car battery starts evaporating the battery fluid. It makes the battery weak even the battery can stop working as well.
  • Loss of battery fluid: Loss of battery fluid isn’t just making your battery weak. It is also damaging your battery’s internal structure. For lack of battery fluid, it starts damaging the internal structure by itself. It’ll make your battery unusable permanently.

Car’s voltage regulator breakdown: Because of excessive heat, car’s voltage regulator malfunctions and it starts taking too high charging rate. High charging rate is like a slow-term poison. In this case, your car battery will stop working without showing any sign.

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So, these are some main reason why your car battery breakdowns in summer. You know, we can compare human health and car battery health.
In warm weather, after performing for a long time, we feel bad, tired and dehydrated, right? At that time, we need water and once we drink water we get some power again. Same goes for your car battery.

The car battery gives it 100% when you’re driving but in warm weathers, it feels dehydrated and requires some water too. When the battery starts feeling lack of liquid in it, its breakdowns.

I hope, you got it!

The solution

If there is a problem then there is a solution too. The great news is you can prevent and protect your battery from breaking down in this warm weather. How? Check out here.

5 Quick Steps to Protect Car Battery in Summer – Infographics


Basically, all battery comes with a lifespan of five to seven years. If everything goes normal, it’ll sustain until that amount of time. But if your car battery faces difficult weather condition more often then it won’t sustain for that much time.

For making your battery more sustainable you’ve to take good care of it. Also, you need to gather a lot more knowledge about car batteries.
I hope the article helped you to understand, why your car battery is draining in the summery weather. If you’ve anymore question, don’t forget to ask us below!

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