How Long Do Golf Cart Batteries Last On One Charge?

If you have a golf cart, you should know all about it, especially about the battery.
You might be wondering, “how long do golf cart batteries last on one charge?” Having the best quality battery is important. But avoiding decreasing battery health is also important.

Check all the information about it to get the right idea.

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Golf Cart Battery Construction

A golf cart battery is made in a certain way. But the power source can be different. There are lots of
batteries of different types that you can get. It has a 4-stroke internal combustion engine. Some
batteries also have a 48v or 36v electric DC or AC motor.

Different kinds of batteries are also available nowadays. Generally, you can find a battery-powered golf
cart. There is also a gasoline-powered cart available in the market.

But having the gasoline one can be difficult. The reason is, it can be troublesome in many ways. It can
create pollution. This one makes much noise. Also, it is not that safe.

So, for having those issues, people like to have the battery-powered one. It has several facilities that
gasoline doesn’t have. It makes no such noise and no pollution. It is safe too.

So, for all the reasons, the battery-powered golf cart is suitable. But you should know all about the battery life and how long it lasts after being fully charged.

How long does it last?

How long the battery lasts after charging depends on how you use it. Having a good battery is also
important in this case. If you are using a new battery, it can last for about 25-40 miles after one charge.

The range might get up or down sometimes. And it depends on how the battery is made. The different
battery has a different configuration and voltage. So, depending on all of those things, the range can be

As the batteries are built with deep cycle lead-acid, it can keep the charge for a long time and work

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Sometimes, it can go more than 50 miles, but using it for that long can shorten battery health. But this is
the average duration that you should keep in mind.

For how long should you charge your golf cart batteries?

To get the proper run-time, you should charge your battery for a generous amount of time. As you
know, overcharging a battery can damage the battery life, so you should charge your golf cart battery
for a good amount of time but not excess.

And to do that, you must know the charging process of your battery. You must charge your battery after
each period of use. You need 8-10 hours to get your battery fully charged. Also, a proper golf cart
battery charger is essential to recharge it properly.

The best way is to charge overnight to use it all day and then charge it at night when you are not using it

How often should you recharge golf cart batteries?

The recharging period has no limit. Recharge the battery when it has no power left. It depends on the
capacity and the type of battery.

That’s why the first thing is to know the type of battery you are having and then search according to it.
But all you need to do is recharge the battery when it has no charge left. If you are using it everyday,
then you should recharge it everyday. Charge it for about 8-10 hours. Overnight charging is better for
you if you are a person who uses a golf cart every day.

Otherwise, you don’t need to recharge it daily if you are not a regular user. Know your situation and
work depending on it.

What to consider when increasing lifespan?

Having the inappropriate habit of using the battery can minimize the battery health of a golf cart
battery. If you want the battery to last for a long time, you have to know the techniques properly.

The first thing is to use a proper charger for your battery. There are different kinds of batteries available.
Take any battery according to your battery model. Know what charger suits your battery, and then
charge the battery only with it.

Secondly, know the charging process. Do not overcharge it because it harms the battery a lot, and the lifespan of it gets shorter day by day.
Moreover, it has a certain run-time. Follow the duration but don’t keep using it until the battery
completely dies.

Also, don’t use the radio or any electronic gadget in your cart. Try to turn it off if it is not necessary
because it decreases the battery’s health quickly.

So, if you want your battery to stay longer and avoid damages, maintain these things properly.

What is the maintenance process?

To maintain your battery life, you should maintain the rules of using a golf cart battery. The maintenance process is not tough. Make sure your battery doesn’t get damaged at all.

First of all, maintain all the charging processes that we have shared with you. It helps a lot to protect the
battery from internal damages.

Further, water the batteries. Generally, wet cell batteries need water regularly. So, check the details of
your battery to know the proper watering time.

Make sure, you use distilled water as it is like a healthy element for it than the plain one. Also, water the
cell only after it is fully charged. Use a generous amount of water at the right time.
Moreover, clean your battery regularly. Keep the battery dry and clean so that it gives you a better
Also, you have to be careful that you don’t keep the battery in an exposed environment. Keeping these
things in mind can save your battery from damage and save several bucks of yours.

Things That You Should Be Careful Of

Dealing with batteries, you must be careful about several things. Many of you know how to use a
battery and what things you should be careful of.
But if you have no such idea about it, here is some information you should know. Let’s see what the
facts are that you have to know to save your battery from damage.

Using Good Charger

Using the proper charger is essential. If you want to avoid damaging the battery and decrease the
battery life, you need to use a suitable charger. See what your battery configuration is and get a charger
That’s how you can save battery health, and it can be long-lasting. Also, turn the charger off when you
are done with the charging. So, be careful of that thing.

Drive Properly

Everyone drives in their way. A battery can be affected if you don’t drive the golf cart properly. If you are
not properly driving the cart, you might damage your cart battery. You have to be sure that you drive
your cart properly. Know the right way and then use it accordingly.

Do Right Use

The most important thing you should consider is the right use of it. If you get a good-quality golf cart battery that lasts for a long time, but you don’t use it properly, it is not worthy.

So, you should know what the exact process is and then use the way it is suggested. Also, make sure you
turn off your cart when you are done riding it.

Replace Old Batteries

If you are aware enough to take good care of your battery and use it properly, the battery surely lasts
longer. But when you see it’s time to replace it, you should do it immediately.
If you have more than one battery in your cart, then replace all of them. Do not mix old and new
batteries. And if you don’t do it, then the running time might be decreased which is not good for the
new one.

Wrap Up
To sum up, all you should do is, know what kind of golf cart battery you have and use according to it. Know everything about how long do golf cart batteries last on one charge so that you can recharge them in time for easy use.
Check the features out and use your battery on your golf cart properly. Let us know if we have missed
something, and share your thoughts with us!

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