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Deep cycle batteries are a lead-acid designed to give the most discharges in the form of outputs daily. The golf cart is a vehicle that is used in golf fields for transportation’s. Due to current upgrades, electric golf-carts have gained more popularity than the old gas ones.

Now the question is what type of battery should be used in golf-carts for maximum efficiency!

Deep cycle batteries are built using heavy battery sheets with a dense concentration of reactive chemicals. As a result, the deep cycle battery can tolerate continuous charging and discharging cycles. Thus, they can give us an output of more than four-fifths of its total power.

Why use deep-cycle batteries instead of regular golf-cart batteries?

If you are confused as to which battery is better and what might be their difference, let me put an argument here –
As I said before, deep cycles use hefty concentrated battery plates made up of highly reactive compounds. Therefore, the plates are rock solid and do not decay easily, even if used up most of its capacity.
On the other hand, regular golf cart battery plates are spongy. So, they decay and get exhausted easily.

Regular golf cart batteries are good for generating a quick burst of power, whereas deep-cycle batteries last longer, causing low and constant power release. 12 Volt deep-cycle batteries are used in equivalence to a few 6-volt golf-cart batteries.

Deep Cycle Batteries In A Golf Cart

Marine batteries? Can they be used in golf carts?

The answer to the second question is YES! Marine batteries are manufactured as a hybrid of other batteries. However, some of them are considered good deep-cycle batteries. The plates used in marine batteries may be spongy, but they have a coarse texture than other deep-cycle batteries.

Figuratively speaking, marine batteries CAN BE used in golf carts; however, there will be some things to consider for this action.

For example, one of the cons of using marine batteries is that marine batteries temperature does not rise above 30 degrees Celsius, which is not adequate in running a golf cart adeptly.

There are other factors of marine batteries like internal configuration, plate and discharge factor. All these other factors are not as effective as a regular golf cart battery, but they still work. With a 50% discharge rate, the marine batteries work in golf carts. Of course, for most efficiency, the recommended deep-cycle batteries are the starting batteries.

However, you can choose deep-cycle marine batteries if you have a low budget and it will work fine!
Now that we have known about marine deep-cycle batteries let us know about the other types of batteries.

What are the other types of deep-cycle batteries? Are there any?

There are two other types of golf cart batteries. Commonly used as regular golf cart battery,Starting battery and deep-cycle battery.

Starting Batteries and Deep Cycle Batteries

Starting Batteries or Golf Cart batteries are designed to give a sudden burst of power, which is used to give maximum out for a limited amount of time. The output time can be measured according to the voltage potential of the battery.

The golf cart batteries work functionally the same as useful deep-cycle batteries; however, some measures are taken to cut the cost of the batteries.

Deep-cycle batteries are such devices that are designed for continuous discharge. These batteries are charged fully and then get discharged slowly and steadily until more than 80% of its capacity is discharged. The golf cart batteries work functionally the same as right deep-cycle batteries; however, there are some measures taken to cut the cost of the batteries.

Now let us point out some of the properties of deep-cycle batteries.

Discharge percentage: As I said before, like common golf cart batteries, deep-cycle batteries can function even when it is discharged four-fifths of its capacity. Recharging the battery properly can make the battery prepared for further use. However, unlike golf cart batteries, they are designed to be recharged and discharged continuously and repeatedly. So, they have a higher lifetime than golf cart batteries.

Current (Ampere) output: If you look at the structure of deep-cycle batteries, you will see cells connected in a series connection with each other. This cell configuration is structured to produce electric output (Amperes) from every cell equally. The amperage output of a deep cycle battery ranges from 500 Amperes depending on the cell structure.

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Temperature factor: The temperature of a deep cycle battery is comparatively less than a regular golf cart battery; however, not less than the functional value which is required for a golf cart to run. On average, every deep cycle battery has a recharging temperature value of 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Chemical Composition: Most of the deep-cycle batteries are made up of Lead-Acid compounds. However, there are some traces that Lithium-ion batteries are also being used in deep-cycle batteries. The lead-acid contains 30% diluted Sulfuric Acid in its fully charged state. There also some Nickel-Iron (NiFe) batteries, but they are relatively less efficient than the lead-acid ones.

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Now let us see the similarities and dissimilarities of the deep cycle batteries and golf cart batteries:

PropertiesStarting BatteriesDeep-Cycle BatteriesComment
Power OutputA sudden burst of power outputSlow discharge of power outputStarting battery-driven golf carts are faster than that of deep-cycle batteries.
Battery StructureHigher surface area and internal resistance is lowSurface area is low, and the internal resistance is high.This is the main structural difference.
Deep-Cycle PropertyDoes not allow deep cyclingAllows deep-cycling.Results in the power difference of the golf carts.
Temperature FactorCan raise the temperature above 90 degrees FahrenheitCan hardly raise the temperature above 90 degrees FahrenheitThe more temperature it raises, the more efficient the battery is.
Maximum Current OutputCan give an amperage output of more than 600 Amperes.Average amperage output is around 500 Amperes.Regular golf cart batteries give more amperage output.
Cell StructureConsists of a lot of sponge-like thin platesConsists of few thick and robust platesThis cell structure changes the battery’s deep-cycling ability.
Chemical ComponentsBoth batteries are made of Lead-acids. So, there is a similarity in their structure and functionality. Though there is a huge difference in efficiency.

Now that we have understood quite well about the deep-cycle batteries, we move to the most important question!

Can You Use Regular Deep Cycle Batteries In A Golf Cart?

Even though deep-cycle battery’s power output is significantly less compared to the regular golf cart batteries, they can still be used in golf carts. The main reason is that the power output and structure of deep cycle batteries fall roughly within the minimum requirements needed to run a golf cart. The golf cart run by a deep-cycle battery will not be speedy as the typical golf carts.

Some Other Facts:

  1. Deep-cycle batteries discharge just as much as the common golf cart batteries do. However, the deep-cycle battery can be used longer because of its repeated charge design.
  2. The amperage output of typical golf cart batteries is thrice the output of deep-cycle batteries even though deep-cycle batteries have a more significant number of cells in it. So, if we observe the two types of batteries’ overall power output, we see that deep-cycle battery has lesser output potential than standard golf-cart batteries.
  3. Moreover, to run a golf cart, the battery must discharge a massive amount of heat in the process. So, the higher the temperature of the battery is, the more efficient it is. Since deep-cycle batteries cannot raise their temperature more than 90 degrees, they have lesser efficiency than golf cart batteries.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, even though deep-cycle batteries are less productive than standard golf cart batteries, they can still be used in golf carts. However, they are more appropriate in running a boat than a golf cart. Deep-cycle batteries should not be used as an alternative for starting batteries; nevertheless, they can run a regular golf cart.

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