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You might be wondering how does a solar charger work, right? Why is a solar charger even relevant to discuss?

Traditionally we use natural resources to produce electricity and use it. Believe it or not, as days go by, we are continually running out of energy sources to power our devices and maintain our modern lifestyle.

To tackle such a situation, people are continuously working on finding new ways to produce renewable electricity sources. Engineers have seen quite a few solutions to this problem, and the most common and easy solution is solar power.

A solar charger is a charger that utilizes solar energy to charge your devices. The mechanics are a bit complicated than that. So, follow along to know all about a solar charger and how does it work.

Let us begin by discussing what is a solar charger first.


What is a solar-charger?

As we mentioned before, a solar charger is a charger that utilizes solar energy to recharge devices.

If you are unaware of what solar power is, do not click away just yet. We have mentioned everything to know about a solar charger below.

Solar energy is the energy we get from the sun. Solar energy is an excellent energy source because we can produce energy from it as long as we have the sun above our heads, and as far as we know, that moment will not come anytime soon.

As widely available as solar energy is, it is not powerful enough to charge devices directly. A solar charger has a battery attached to it that charges under the sunlight during day time.

It has a supercapacitor inside it that is the crucial element of this charger. A supercapacitor allows this charger to charge a device even when there is no direct sunlight around.

Solar chargers are usually portable, and this is another advantage of having a solar charger. You can find a solar charger in various sizes and shapes.

There are solar chargers that are as big as your table, and there are also solar chargers that will fit inside your palm. The capacity and flow of electricity can vary based on the size of the charger.

How Does A Solar Charger Work?

While named a charger, a solar charger acts more like a traditional power bank. In this segment of the article, we have mentioned the working process of a solar charger.

Let us talk about the structure of a solar charge first and then know how everything works together to charge a device.

A solar charger has solar cells on its surface, and this part covers the majority of the charger. It has a battery charging kit and also a battery attached to it.

Usually, a solar charger is equipped with an inverter, but this feature can be absent based on the user’s needs.

Now that you have a general idea about a solar charger structure, it will be easier for you to understand how the whole process works.

During the day, while the sun is up, the solar cells of the charger absorb it. If you did not know before, sunlight has photons.

A solar charger uses these photons from the absorbed sunlight to mobilize the internal electrons and create an electric force field.

This force field makes the electron travel to the batteries through the battery charging kit and charges the battery in the process.

We mentioned the availability of an inverter. An inverter transforms Direct current or DC to alternating current or AC and makes the stored electricity usable for other devices.

We also mentioned the unavailability of this inverter. Usually, most instruments use AC or alternating current to operate.

But some tools use Direct current or DC to work and thus do not require an inverter to utilize a solar charger’s stored energy.

How does a solar powered phone charger work?

A solar-powered phone charger can be a convenient tool. As it is a solar charger, it uses solar energy to produce electricity like other solar chargers.

Well, a solar-powered phone charger can charge your phone by utilizing the photons in sunlight. It can charge your phone through the charging port and charge your phone battery directly as well.

So if you are missing a charging adapter, this phone charger can be the solution to your charging problems.

phone-chargerHow does a solar trickle charger work?

Trickle charging is a charging method that is used and suitable for portable solar chargers.

As we know, solar chargers utilize the sun and the sunlight’s available photons to produce electricity. Trickle charging means to charge something in small bursts.

In this method, a small amount of current is continuously fed to maintain charge availability for a long time.

Solar trickle chargers are usually used for charging batteries. These chargers can fully charge a battery to its capacity with these small bursts of energy.

How does a 6v solar fence charger work?

The method of producing electricity is similar to a standard solar charger, but the use case of a solar fence charger is slightly different.

A solar fence charger is attached to a metallic fence. Doing so makes animals or even humans stay away from the fence.

Because if they touch the fence, the electricity stored in a fence charger will shock them, which sometimes can be painful.

The everyday use cases for a solar fence charger are

  • The unavailability of electricity.
  • Saving monthly electric bills.
  • Using a renewable power source that will help the environment in the long run.
  • Power your fence with electricity without having to maintain it frequently.


A solar charger is a reliable source of renewable energy. Knowing how does a solar charger work in today’s day and age is essential. It uses sunlight to produce electricity that will most like never run out of raw materials to produce electricity.

In an era where we are so dependable on electricity and continuously running out of natural resources to build it, a solar charger can be a reliable way to fulfill our demands!

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